Minecraft Gamification Reflection

There have been quite a few students who have been very excited about the new system with three of our Grade 9/10s leveling up to stone with one of our grade 8s. Looking at our records it seems as though the grade 8s are moving a little slower than the grade 9/10s, so that may be something I need to consider and adjust to help them, though I am yet to figure out if it is due to a lack of explanation or whether they are simply not motivated.

Our class blog (http://projectmistrhs.wordpress.com/) is also doing quite well with lot’s of students having their work posted and getting comments from many people outside of school and the country!

Ms Batty has also been utilizing Google tools to take surveys and gather feedback from the students on their thoughts and ideas for the subject the subject. This has been very interesting and super useful! Everybody seems to be enjoying our inclusion of the mod “mcmmo”, which adds basic leveling mechanics for things like digging, farming and monster fighting.

We have had a few complaints concerning their inability to use the /home command when they are wood level. For those who don’t know, /home gives students the ability to instantly teleport to a location they set as their home earlier. This is a command they receive after leveling up to stone which is the second rank in our system (for more info on our leveling system, scroll down a bit to the post called Minecraft gamification system). I believe, however, that the home command is a great incentive to get students started on the leveling system, as it is one of the more basic commands that everyone wants.

Again with this new group, I’ve seen a couple of requests for PvP. I still don’t think the culture and community of our server is quite ready for PvP, but I think we are getting closer. My only concern, however, is that after we leave (as mods and admins) at the end of this year and pass our roles onto Grade 8/9s, they will need to relearn everything that we have about PvP and we will never get to the point where the community is ready for it. I hope we will be able to teach this to them and maybe they will figure out a way in which PvP can be used safely and fairly.


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